How to Find Blocking Queries in Transaction In SQL server?

Sql Server By Sagar Jaybhay

In this article, we will learn Blocking Queries In Transaction and Except Operator and difference between Except and Not In Operator in SQL Server By Sagar Jaybhay. Blocking Queries Blocking Query happens because there is an open transaction. DBCC OpenTran is a command for checking the open transaction but there is a problem it only shows the oldest active transaction. It is not going to show you an open transaction. We write a transaction and execute that and run dbcc opentran command see below image Below is a query which…

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T SQL Advanced Tutorial By Sagar Jaybhay 2020


In this article we will understand T SQL Advanced Tutorial means Transaction In SQL and Common Concurrency Problem and SQL server transaction Isolation level by Sagar Jaybhay What is the Transaction? A transaction is a group of commands that changed the data stored in a database. A transaction is treated as a single unit. The transaction ensures that either all commands will succeed or none of them. Means anyone fails then all commands are rolled back and data that might change is reverted back to the original state. A transaction…

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