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User Defined Function In SQL Server-2020

In this article, we will understand User Defined Function in sql server with different types of function in sql server a) Scalar function b) Inline table-valued functions c) Multi-statement table-valued functions User-defined Functions In...

Case and Convert Function In SQL Server 2020

In this article we will understand case and convert function in sql server in detail and what is the difference between case and convert function in sql server. Previous SQL Articles :- https://sagarjaybhay.com/category/sql-server/ When...

Stupid-Simple Union and Union All 2019

Union and Union all are used to combine the result from two tables. It means when you want data from 2 different tables or 2 different queries and wants to combine the result you can use Union and Union All.
In SQL the Union and Union all operators are used to combine the results set into a single result set. But both operators have some key differences.

How to edit user information in asp.net core vs 2.1?

For every edit operation or update operation, it is good practice to create a view model for that information class. As we are editing users class we can create here EditUserViewModel Class and added some properties which are shown below.

Need to Know RoleManager Asp.Net Core 2019

Previous article links :- https://sagarjaybhay.com/asp-net-core/ RoleManager In Asp.Net Core For this, we have a RoleManager class to Create Read Update Delete The roles and we use this conjunction with userManager class and for this,...