What Is DataBase Normalization By Sagar Jaybhay


In this article we will understand What Is DataBase Normalization ? Different Types of Normalization forms By Sagar Jaybhay. DataBase Normalization Database normalization is a process of organizing data and minimizing data redundancy which in turn ensures data consistency. The problem of data redundancies: Data is duplicated Disk space required more which is wastage Data inconsistency DML queries become slow(Insert, update, delete) Database normalization is a step by step process. There is 6 normal forms that start from 1st normal form to the 6th normal form. But most of the…

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About Tables In DataBase By Sagar Jaybhay

Sql Server By Sagar Jaybhay

About Tables By Sagar Jaybhay Tables are database objects which contain data in the database.  The table logically organized as row and column format like spreadsheet. Row in table represents the unique record and column represent field in that record. How many tables are allowed in the database? It is actually how many objects are allowed In the database and value is 2,147,483,647. How many columns does the table contain? A user-defined table may contain 1024 columns. How many rows does the table contain? There is no limitation on rows…

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Database In Action By Sagar Jaybhay

Database By Sagar Jaybhay It is an organized collection of structured information or data, typically stored electronically in a computer system. It is usually controlled by DBMS. In general data and DBMS along with the application which is associated with them is referred to as a database system. DBMS- database management system is an interface between the database and the end-user. SSMS(SQL Server Management Studio) it is only a client tool that connects the database. It is not server a just software that connects to a database server by using…

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