Details About Asp .NET Core

Asp.Net core by Sagar Jaybhay

What is Asp.Net Core?

It is a cross-platform, open-source framework for building modern cloud-based application.

Asp. Net core is a redesign of 4.x version. Initially, it is called a 5 version but it is renamed as core 1.0.

Feature of core

  1. Cross-platform: the previous version of core will run on only windows platform but this core framework will run on Windows, Linux, mac.
  2. Hosting: Previous version of asp host only on IIS but this framework will host on Apache, Docker, Self-hosting also.
  3. It also provides the same single unified programming model for creating web MVC application and web API also.
  4. core has built-in support for dependency injection.
  5. Open source:- It is developed by Microsoft but it is collaborating through the vast community of open-source developer. Because of community, it is evolving very fast.
  6. Modular: As providing middle-ware component so modularity is achieved to great modularity is achieved to great extent.
    1. In this, both request and response pipeline are composed using a middle-ware component.We can also create our custom middle-ware component.

Software Requirement of Asp.Net core Development

  1. Editor: Visual code, vim, sublime text, Atom
  2. SDK:- .Net core development SDK.
  3. .Net core Runtime: It Is useful for only running the application but if you have SDK then there is no need for runtime.

Folders which are creating after the MVC template created.

mvc project template
  1. Wwwroot
  2. Controllers
  3. Models
  5. Appsettings.json file
  6. Program.cs file
  7. Startup.cs file
Project Structure core mvc

For learn from basic we select the empty project template.

empty project solution for core

And after creating this web have following things in our solution.

web have following things in our solution.

After running ctrl+ F5 following is the output.

output of empty solution

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